Current Projects

K Residence - Hallandale Beach

The up-and-coming golden isles will get a completely refreshed jewel with one of the largest pools perceivable from the canal. 


This multi-million-dollar property displays a particular selection of different marbles, some of those with a custom textured finish. Stones such as exotic jasper, moonlight marble, and corals from the Yucatan embellish this 6,500 SQF property. 


This vast renovation included re-roofing, new finishes throughout including exteriors, furniture selection, and a new pool build-out.

B Apartment - South Beach

A bachelor’s pad (1/1 apartment) that conceptually aims to reflect a motto, and a lifestyle while enhancing the most stunning view of Miami’s Skyline.


The owner is looking to optimize the space,  modernize structural elements throughout, renovate the bathroom, and build out a new bespoke kitchen.


The renovation will get the most out of the property value by going for a timeless palette with durable and top-quality materials that weld eclectically with Miami’s essence.


The material board presents a combination of limewash wall finishing, light wood panels, travertine-like porcelains, terrazzo, and tropical-themed wallpapers.